Saturday, February 16, 2008

Long Time No Post...

I have had a bad couple of weeks. With all of the snow days and sickness floating around it has been a rough couple of weeks and last week was the worst. Thursday night I noticed that my computer was running extremely loud so I thought I would just shut it down for the night and turn it back on in the morning when I woke up. When morning came and I went to turn it on it would not turn on!!! I began to panic!!! I instantly called Staples and brought it to them for a diagnostic check. Later that day they called and said that they had good news and bad news. My computer was toast but they were able to retrieve info off from the hard drive. So now a week and a half later I have all of my data backed up on my external but my computer is on it's way back to Florida. I bought an extended warranty when I purchased the computer and now I have to wait for them to receive the computer and then send me a refund check before I can get a new one. So for now I'm stuck using my VERY old slow as can be computer, but I guess it works for at least paying my bills and checking email.
So due to the unfortunate circumstances they may be a delay in some orders. Please email me with an questions.
For now here are a few Valentines shots, even one of Fiona for all you dog lovers. I hope everyone had a great day and spread lots of LOVE!