Monday, December 31, 2007

Fiona Update...

I have had a few people ask about Fiona so I thought I would post this little update for you.
She is doing good and getting big. She is getting a lot better with the potty breaking issue and is settling down...although still has a lot of puppy in her.
Here are some recent shots. The kids just love her so much!

End Of The Year Sale....

I'm having a monster of a sale! Huge discounts on tons of products. Details coming soon so check back frequently!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Miss Ava...And My New Chair

Took her out to the studio after my session today. She was such a good girl! I just love taking pics of her...sometimes she just amazes me! I swear her eyes are changing color too....when she was a baby they were blue as can be and now they are this strange blue/green/grey color. Of course it depends on how the light hits them too. Weird how that happens.
Oh yeah.....I just got this chair and another really cool funky mom and sister think I'm crazy! I picked them up a couple of weeks ago on our way to Grand Rapids. We were heading to the mall and out to lunch with all 5 kids and here I come out of the antique store carrying a chair and the owner is right behind me carrying another....we had a good time fitting them in my mom's Yukon XL amongst the 3 car seats and 2 booster seats. Yeah, they love me! :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We Are Back From Our Mini Holiday Vacation...

So we got back this evening from our little mini vacation in Traverse City. We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge as part of their Christmas present. Jess and I decide that the kids just get sooo much stuff at Christmas and to be honest it is such a waste. Either it is broke by February or they have no interest in it anymore so we decided that we were just going to do something that they would enjoy. We wanted to go to Florida but thought that Chunk and Eve were both too young right now to do that long and far of a trip.
The whole crew went. It was us and the kids along with Al and Kyle and the girls and then my mom and dad. We had a really big suite with 2 queen beds a king bed and a pull out so we had plenty of room. The kids had a blast. It was fun but I must admit I was ready to come home after 2 days. I'm such a home body, it is really pathetic. I always say that I will probably live here in my same ole' house forever. It'll probably be falling down around me and I still won't be able to leave it.......too many sentimental memories.
Anyways here a some snaps of the crew....I didn't dare take my camera into the water park. Really didn't feel like adding another couple grand to my Christmas spending :)

Peace Dude!

Boo playing his game that he "accidentally" purchased by hitting the "order" button on the remote
4 little monkeys sitting on the bed :)
Ava curled up asleep with her lovie at like 7:00 pm Christmas evening......needless to say she woke up at about 10:00
Boo changing Eve's diaper after Al told him she would give him $1.00 for the arcade if he changed her...
This is where Chunk slept last night....he went back and forth from the bed to the floor....tucked in all comfy between the wall and the bed. It cracks me up how they can sleep anywhere.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My 3 Little Stinkers...

Here are some shots of my 3. These are from our Christmas card session.
Ava was good as gold, Holden was good and Chunk was the one that was giving me troubles as you can see. It is always one!
Oh yeah and thanks for saying Chunk looks like a girl Joan!!! He has curls :) I love his hair, he is my hippie boy. Oh speaking of his hair, I have to tell everyone this little story. This was too funny. So we were walking through the mall last week and Chunk was a little bit ahead of me and not paying total attention to where he was going like all 2 year olds walking through the mall thinking they are the sha-zow!! Well he slightly swiped this older lady and like most people that either have kids or enjoy kids she gently patted his head and smiled.....well then of course he turns around and catches back up to me and says in his deep I'm not too happy little voice "mom she touch-ed my curls" oh my gosh I almost dropped my venti strawberries and creme frappuccino. It was so funny! Yep his curls :)

Love this one....I just got a 24x40 canvas... of it, it is GORGEOUS!!!

Before he got ticked off
And my little booser the stud :)
and now the... "I've had enough...not doing this anymore" faceall 3.....oh what fun!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Loved This Session!

Oh I just loved this session. This little girl was such a cutie and so fun. I loved every single shot I took of her. It was hard to narrow down the choices...but I couldn't edit every single image that I took :) Here are a few from her session.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Craziness Starting To Finally Slow Down...

So yes the super busy craziness is finally starting to slow down. I have not posted any client sessions in so long so in the next few days I will be posting some of the recent sessions that I have done. I have had a great year and thank each and everyone one of you for your kind complimentary words and patience. This business is such a learning process and I learn something new and beneficial everyday. So once again thanks for your support!!!
Now on to the pictures :) Look at this beauty.....oh my the babies sure do get to me....they get me all weepy and emotional. She sure did love her pacifier. Every time we would try and pull it she would wake right up.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Ordering System.....I'm so excited!

Announcement......I have implemented a new ordering system for 2008. I'm so excited about this. It is has been a lot of work to set it up but it will be soooo incredibly nice for my clients and not to mention me.
What it is a shopping cart. You will go through your proofs there and be able to pick out your prints and canvas options from a drop down menu. Along with a metallic option and other mounting substrates. I also have an accessory store attached right to it. The store has all of the "extras" like the jewelry, handbags, slideshows, coffee table books, and storyboard and collages.
I can tell that I'm going to LOVE this and I really think it will help with my workflow and just make my time more efficient not to mention my life a little easier :)
The new shopping cart is located here
Take a look at let me know what you think.....I'll set up a sample gallery that doesn't need a password.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Totally Swamped!!!

I know I haven't posted in a while but I have been sooo busy!! I did 3 session yesterday alone. I thought I would take a minute and share one of my favorite holiday cards from this year.....isn't this just too cute!??!?!
Hopefully once things slow down a bit I'll get back to my normal rate of postings :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Not Again....

So this is what happens when mommy spends too much time on the computer......they get into everything!!!!