Monday, October 30, 2006

Alright Here We Go....

These are my first shots with my new studio lights set up. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I have heard from many people that they can be quite complicated and that it is tricky to get the right exposure, but I must say that it went pretty well.
I think it must be a full moon or something because for some strange reason Ava decided to cooperate tonight. She looks so old in these pictures, it is hard to believe that she is only 3!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our Halloween Party...

We had a Halloween party for the kids at Grandma Jodi's house (Jess's mom) this afternoon. The kids got to dress up in their costumes and they also decorated cupcakes. They had such a good time doing it.
I tried to get a good group picture of all of them together but they weren't going for it and honestly I didn't really mind. I did manage to get a few indivudal ones but all they really wanted to do was run. They kept running to different spots and the lighting was really just all over the place so it was hard to change setting and keep up with them.
Holden was a vampire, Ava was a ladybug, and Chunk was a pumpkin. I didn't get a picture of Jozzy (my niece) she was Dorothy but I did mange to get Stuart and he was the cutest little scarecrow ever!
Don't you just love Holden and Ava's cupcakes?!?! Chunk dug into the bowl of candycorn while they decorated the cupcakes :) Imagine that!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ohhh...Kids You Gotta Love Em'!

Alright here it goes, this is a tad embarassing but too funny not to share. So we start out with a normal day today and then by this afternoon my kids were giving me a run for my money. First.....Ava and Ivy were in the bathroom and they had been in there for a few minutes not too long, then they came out like normal and proceeded to play and when it was time to take Ava to speech class I went into the bathroom to touch up my hair and makeup and looked over at the mirror and this is what I see..... yes pantiliners all lined up perfectly stuck to the mirror. Al and I looked at eachother and started cracking up. It was just a couple of days ago those 2 little stinkers came out of the bathroom with them all over their faces. I guess they think they are big stickers :)
Well tonight at about 11:00pm Jess and I are getting stuff taken care of and getting ready to put Ava and Chunk to bed when all of the sudden Chunk comes out of yet again my bedroom (the bathroom is connected to my room) saying his famous phrase "LOOK IT!" Well I look at him and he is covered in my makeup. So of course Jess and I take off to the bathroom and find Ava just as happy as can be also covered in makeup. Clothes and all. Jess says "Well mama I hope that wasn't expensive makeup" good thing it was only the cover girl and not the Clinique.
So yeah, I guess I would say that my kids are obsessed with feminine products today!
Oh and please excuse these HORRIBLE snaps.... bad lighting and flash=nasty snaps :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No "LOOSERS" here...

So we went to the "Turkey Trot" out at the high school today. The 1st graders had to run one full lap around the track. Holden did really good even though he did not win a ribbon. There were a ton of kids that participated this year. He raced about 25 boys all in first grade. He actually came in 5th or 6th I think. So he did do good, but in his mind he did not. He is very hard on himself.....well the picture says it all! Aunt Al told him if he won that he could stay the night at her house Friday or Saturday and she would rent him a video game, so the first thing he said was "now I don't get to stay the night and get a game." Al told him that he still could. I had to explain to him that there are no loosers and he tried his best and did a really good job and that was all that mattered but he was still bummed. He really wanted to win one of the prizes. I have no idea why. It's not like it was a toy or anything. First was a turkey, second was a cornish hen and third was a package of turkey franks. But instead he got an apple and a yellow particapation ribbon :)
Ava was cold the whole time and Chunk and Eve just sat back and took it all in. Ivy got into watching Boo. She loves her "Boosey"
The kids and I along with Al had a nice visit/lunch with Grandpa and Grandma. The kids really entertained them. Grandpa was amazed at how Ava knows her way around the computer. She is getting really good at playing on "" she loves it because Dora is on there. I think it is good for her too.
I made a doctors appoinment for Ava for Friday afternoon. She has been saying "WHAT" a lot lately when ever we talk to her. At first I thought it was just a phase or something but now I noticed that she has been going up to the T.V. and putting her ear next to the speaker. I know weird...Plus she has been snoring like a 50 year old drunk man! I don't know if it all can be linked together but she has had a few ear infections in the last few months so I thought I would take her in to the doctor and see what is going on.
I'm going to try and get my studio stuff set up this weekend and play around with it. I want to get a picture of Ava in her dance gear and have it put onto the "Nelly Tutu" bag and use it for dance class. We'll see if I can accomplish that :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Awwww Man...

Famous words of Swiper......for all of you Dora fans. Well I'm sure it isn't you the fan but your kids. I know my daughter is obsessed with Dora.
So I had my post opp appointment today and Dr. Mann said everything looked wonderful and I'm healing great! He wants to see me back in 5 weeks again. I was disappointed to hear him say that I have to wear this hot granny bra and binder for 6 weeks!!!! No offence to you grannies, I still love ya, just not your bras!
But all is well and I'm feeling good. He did also say that the "weepyness" that I've been feeling is normal and should pass soon. I am so impressed with his ability to make me look "normal" again. Not to sound too weird but they are awesome! Not to mentioned how much better my back is feeling already. I am so happy those days of not being able to move because my back or neck has gone out are all gone! Hopefully forever!
We have a busy week this week. Ava has a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday Holden has his "Turkey Trot" at school plus I have another commitment, and my Grandmpa and Grandma are coming over to visit. You know those Grandmas that have to bring a casserole when someone has been in the hospital. Thursday Ava has speech and dance class in the evening and then hopefully if the weather is good Friday or Saturday we can get over to the pumpkin patch. Then Sunday we have a Halloween party ay Grandma Jodi's house. I'm so gald that I didn't schedule any sessions for this week. Although I do have a few orders that need to be submitted and delivered. I will probably be taking another couple of weeks off. I blocked myself off for a couple of more but if I'm feeling really good I will do some sessions.
I can't wait to get all of my goodies that I ordered and!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Am Feeling Much Better Today...

So I am feeling a lot better today. I am not as lighted headed as I was yesterday. I cleaned a little bit today and caught up on the laundry after not doing it for a week. Can you image that with three kids?!?! Yeah, not a pretty sight. But I got er" done! I also got caught up on my emails.
So my post opp is tomorrow and I can not wait to hear what Dr. Mann has to say. I hope that he says I can trash this lovely binder and bra and head to Victoria Secret for some new ones :)
I feel like I have been neglecting my poor kids these past few days. I just can't jump up when ever they need me to and can't have them lopping on me like they are used to. But they are fine and Jess has done an excellent job keeping up. Like I said the only thing he really has not done is the laundry. I probably would not want him doing it anyway :)
I have alot of ideas in mind for pictures and miss my camera too! I just searched the web and found a lot of cute things for the 2 little ones. I haven't really looked much for Boo. He is getting too old to be "into" pictures anyway. Although when I was looking at stuff on the internet he did say "what did you buy for me?" so I guess he needs something too. I found Ava the most adorable petticoat. I'm obsessed with them. I just bought her, her third one. I had to have this one for Christmas though. It is bright red and sooooo cute! Man those darn things are not cheap though!! This one set me back $80.00 just for the petticoat not to mention the $30.00 red hat that I also bought. Shhhhh, don't tell Jess. The things you do for 1 picture!!!! I swear! But oh well I know I'll use it again......I know you guys will want one just like it when you see it :) Picture that is!
I can't wait to set up my new studio stuff and practice. Studio is kind of foreign to me. I'm a natural light girl!! But as you know there really is not a lot of natural light here in Michigan in January is there!?!?!?
I'll update tomorrow and let everyone know what Dr. Mann had to say!

Friday, October 20, 2006

My New Boobies..

Well I finally got to take a shower today. Thank god! It felt so good. I was felling so gross. I washed my hair twice, I don't think I have ever went that long without showering.
So I took off all of the bandages and my new boobies were revelaed. HOLY MOLY do they look different!! I feel like I have foreign objects on my chest. I'm not used to them being so high up. There is quite a few incisions 2 big ones on each breast. I still have to wear the tight binder and the bra. But from what I can see now, Dr. Mann did an awesome job!! I go back for my post opp appointment Monday so hopefully he will tell me that I can wear just normal clothes. I'm looing forward to that.
The vicodin is making me very sleepy so I'm going to try to cut it back a bit.
I would love to post some pics but I don't want to offend anyone. :) As most of you know I'm not a shy person when it comes to that kind of stuff. Just ask Kyle, I gave him the job of video taping Jagger's birth.
The kids are doing good and are being very careful not to climb on me and bump me.
Jess has been GREAT!! I couldn't ask for a better husband. He has done all of the cooking, cleaning, and taken great care of the kids and me. Not to mention ran to the store about 100 different times. He is always aking me if I need anything or if he can get me something.
I am moving around better today but for some reason if I'm up too long I do get light headed feeling. So I guess it is best to just take it easy.
So I just thought I would post an update. Be back later!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm Home...

My surgery took a little over 4 hours yesterday and it took me a really long time to wake up. So I had to end up staying the night, and I got home about 2:00 this afternoon. Holden had a really hard time this morning when he noticed that I was not home. He actually made my mom cry because he was so upset and she didn't have the heart to send him to school. So he stayed home and waited for me to get home. He is such a sensitive little guy. Ava on the other hand could care less. Mom and Tricia said she only asked about me one or two times. Chunk did really well at Tricia's. I'm so glad because lately he has been so clingy. Tricia is so great! I couldn't ask for anyone better to watch my kids!!
I have been really tired today. Once I got home I slept from about 3:30 or 4:00 to 8:00. I'm in quite a bit of pain a lot more than I thought I would have. I guess I should have known once he did all of that drawing on me where he was going to be doing the incisions at. I didn't end up getting sick. I was so thankful for that. I just got a little woozey when I got up to go to the bathroom. Everything went great though. I'm all bandaged up and can't really see what they look like yet. Jess says I don't have anything left but I told him oh yeah I sure can tell from the pain that the are still there. I can't take the bra and bandages off or shower until Friday. And after that the bra has to go right back on.
I hope to update soon depending on how I feel!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Twas The Night Before Surgery...

Well here it is quarter to 1 the night beofre surgery. I had to have a little time to unwind before going to bed. I watched a few parts of the View from this mornings episode and Watched What About Brian. Thank goodness for TiVo again!
I finished up the laundry that accumulated over the weekend and got the house back in order. Once we got everything done and were about to eat dinner I said to Jess "now if we can just keep the house clean the rest of the night we will be all set" and do you know what Holden replies back with? "Well you know mom, you DO have three kids!" Oh my gosh I looked at Jess and we both started cracking up! The things kids say!!! I said "you know Boo you are right, I almost forgot about that" You gotta love em'!
Well I will be leaving here about 10:00 am and will be dropping the kids off at my sister in laws and then I have to be to the hospital at 11:40 am and surgery is scheduled for 1:40 pm. I hope not to have to stay the night, but we will see how it goes. I also hope to post updates often , so check back frequently.
Wish me luck!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Few More From The Noneez Girls Session...

Here are a few more of the girls. I really didn't have a lot of time to edit until last night. I was up until 3 AM getting all of the orders placed and finishing up all of my proofing.
I'm happy to say I think I got it all done, at least for now.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Noneez Girls...

So I had a special request from my mom. She wanted a storyboard of all of the girls. She had a specific picture in mind and knew just what she wanted. We had to find the outfiit and props. I had the red shoes and funky socks. The rest we got at good ole' WalMart! They always have everything you need, along with a ton of other stuff I don't but always end up buying too :)
So I'm sure most of you know who the girls are but for those of you who don't My daughter Ava is pictured first followed by my sister's little girl Eve and last but not least we have Miss Ivy, my sister's other little girl.
Noneez was a big help with these....Ava was the most unwilling, but then again she usually is!
Oh yeah, for those of you wondering where we took these at....they were taken at out local bank. People that were going to the ATM were looking at us like we were freaks!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Burrrrrrrrr....It Was Cold, But The Engagement Couple Were Not

Well luckily the weather held out in the aspect of no rain, but man was it COLD!!! The wind was just a whippin' and that made it worse. But we accomplished the engagement session.
This couple was great!! They were sooo sweet and up for anything. Which I totally love. We went to a few different locations and got a lot of great shots. Like I said they were great!
Engagement sessions are so different for me. I'm so used to children who run all over, and then I get too busy chasing them and end up falling into the water. Yes, that was one of my prouder moments. I had a little guy about 15 months old and let me tell you he was an active boy!!! He ran everywhere he went. I literally had to chase was great. But yeah, I was too busy watching him and not paying attention to where I was running and I ended up falling off the bank and went right into the water. Yeah, it was pretty funny!!! But hey you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to getting the shot! So you can imagine how weird it is for me to have people just sit and listen and do what I tell them to do :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Another Not So Pleasant Day...

So today is almost as yucky as yesterday. This weekend is not looking very promising either. I have 2 sessions scheduled for this weekend so I'm hoping the weather is fairly nice and I can get those done. I guess we'll have to see what tomorrow brings.
So I got a call from the hospital today. The nurse asked a ton of questions and gave me instructions on eating and drinking beofre my surgery and she also gave me the time that it is scheduled for. My surgery is scheduled for 1:40 pm and I have to be to the hospital at 11:40 am. My surgery is a fairly lengthly one (abuot 3.5 hours) and I guess the longer the surgery the more likely you are to be sick. She also asked if I get motion sickness.....yum a big YES to that one!!! So again the more likely I am to get sick. So I'm hoping that I won't, but she said don't count on it.
I know that I'm going to be at the best hospital (Butterworth) that I can be at and I have complete confidence in Dr. Mann but never having had any type of surgery I'm a little nervous. I guess most about the anesthesia. I just don't know what to expect and that is always the worst. I have a client that is a surgeon at Butterworth and she says not to worry, so that does make me feel better.
So I'm trying to get my house in order. Get all of the laundry done and clean and get all of the bills paid through the beginning of next month so that I don't have to worry about that for awhile. Jess can do a lot of it he just does not know how to do the laundry and has NO clue how to pay the bills. That may be a good thing :) I have been neglecting the house work because I've been so busy with sessions. Oh my goodness it looked like a tornoado came through this place. But I did get everything done today. I just didn't want to have to spend all weekend getting everything done. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a total planner, so of course my whole weekend will be focused on keeping the house in order!
Well I didn't have time to watch my show..... Grey's Anatomy. But thank god for TiVO!!! Oh how I love my TiVO. I don't know what I did without it before.
I don't know why everytime I watch that darn show I end up crying. I guess I'm just an emotional person. And now to all of you, I know what is coming next and the answer is no.... I'm NOT pregnant!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Weather Outside is Frightful...But The Photo Opp Is So Delightful...

Well you gotta love that Michigan weather right?!?!? Actually no not really!! This is what we woke up to this morning. Snow!!! Not my idea of a pleasant day.
Well such a change from last weekend, when the temps were in the 70's. Now I'm so glad that I did take Ava out and force her :) to get those shots of her in her petti.
I picked Ava up from preschool and decided I better capture this lovely day :)
She loves it outside. Can't say I really feel the same way. I guess I should prepare myself. Full blown winter will be here all too soon!

One Chubba Bubba...

Oh I just love this little guy!! He is soooo adorable! I photographed him at 2 weeks and he was not nearly this chubby :)
I just love chubby babies and he is definitely one. My boys were both very Chubby babies too. Hence the word "Chunk" when I refer to my little guy. Everyone always asks if I think that we will call him "Chunk" forever and my answer is YES!!! I don't think the poor kid even knows his name is Jagger. Well look at Holden we started calling him "Boo" when he was about 6 months and look we still do to this day and now he is 6!
Well anyway on to the session.....I did these today and let me tell ya this little guy was so good natured. We put him through so much. From getting him undressed to dressed to undressed again, not to mention all of the bowls that we stuffed the poor baby into. I just adore the shot of him with the funky hat on. It just oozes sweetness!
After thinking I really didn't get many good ones I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.
I sure hope Mom likes them....but how couldn't she...just look at that beautiful baby boy!!!

My Sister Session From Saturday...

These two little cuties were so fun!! The older little girl was such a HAM!!! She loved the camera. It is always nice when kids are having fun and you can really tell that they were from these images. These were taken at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They had tons of beautiful gardens and ponds. Not to mention the amazing trees with the yummy fall colors. It was truely a gorgeous setting.