Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh What Fun....

This session was so fun!! I had a great time with Miss "O" and her mommy and daddy. She has the sweetest personality and the cutest little voice. To the surprise of me and I think her parents she really likes pine cones :)
I heard stories about the zoo, frogs, and swimming. I love to hear a 2 year old tell a story. Honestly.....I really think nothing beats that.
Well here is a sneak peak from our session yesterday!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WOW....Naughty Me!

As you can see it has been forever since I have posted. To be honest it has been crazy around here. We have had all sorts of things happen in the last few weeks. Some good, some sad, and some just plain crazy.
First of all we lost our best friend Rylee 2 weeks ago. To be honest I think I have been avoiding a lot of things including the blog because of this. It is still hard for me to talk about. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer just a few weeks ago. He went down hill sooo fast. I knew that the day was coming and that we were going to have to make a decision but when it came time to actually doing it I lost it. We adopted him from the humane society 11 years ago. We had him before we had kids. He has been a part of my everyday life since before Jess and I were married. He slept with me every night. It is just really hard! It is getting a little easier now but I miss him dearly and think of him all the time. I have a nice 18x24 canvas coming of him to hang in my living room. That way I will get to see his adorable face everyday while sitting on the couch. Alright enough about my Ry guy.....It's getting to me now. :(
On a better note. We are officially horse people now!!! I bought my first horse a little over a month ago and love her. In fact Jess loved riding so much that we ended up getting another horse last week for him. When I was younger I always wished I could have a horse but it never happened. We love riding now. Ava is becoming quite the little cowgirl and adores Betsy. Oakley on the other hand needs some more riding behind him before I dare to let the kids on him. He is a beautiful paint and only 3 years old so he is quite young and being that he was just broke out last year I want one of us to put some time on him before the kids ride him.
Another fun thing that we are looking forward to is the birth of Fiona's puppies. We had her bred the end of April and she had an ultrasound a few weeks ago that revealed that she has at least 3 babies in there. Could be double that though. She will be having a c-section the end of June so I will keep you updated as far as the little baby bulldog puppies go. I'm so excited to see what colors we will end up with.
Well it is June and you know what that means.......IT'S BABY MONTH!!! As most of you know all of my kids were due in June and all but Ava were born in June. She was actually pretty close to making it but came 3 weeks early arriving on May 26. My little Chunk is going to be 4 tomorrow!! I can't believe that! Man what a great 4 years it has been!
I have been super busy with sessions and I can officially say that the summer sessions are in full swing! I think it is going to be a great summer. Please email me ASAP if you would like to book a session as they are filling up pretty fast.
So that is the last month in a half in a nutshell. I have a million sessions to post here so keep checking back to see them and there is a summer contest coming up soon.....stay tuned for details!


My Rylee.....

and Ry on his favorite spot on the couch

Ivy on my Betsy girl...

and Mr. Oakley